Our Days of Gold is an archive of analogue photography. The images were made between 2001 and 2007. In the past two years a small part of the archive has been shared on instagram as @ourdaysofgold_film. It will take probably another 6 years to share the totality of the archive.

Our Days of Gold emerged from the coming together of the availability of a social media platform, Instagram, that fostered the growth of communities around an obsolescent medium such as analogue photography;
in connection with the development of scanner technology so that film negative scanning has become accessible and affordable.

Our Days of Gold
is a time based artwork. It can take 9 months to share all the images shot on a sunny afternoon in 2003. Moments from the past are reanimated and time stretched and slowed by the daily practice of releasing new photographs,  within the flow of millions of images that circulate on Instagram.